Open letter to Jeb Bush, Governor of the state of Florida

March 3,1999

Open letter to Jeb Bush, Governor of the state of Florida
Recently released information in the March 1999 edition of the American Spectator magazine reveals some of the shady dealings of the People's Republic of China in the state of Florida. For over a year, Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda has had documents that demonstrate the ownership of the Florida Splendid China theme park is none other than the State Council of the People's Republic of China. These documents show links to the Lippo Group (suspected of illegal campaign contributions in US national elections) and the official nature of their propaganda mission. Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda has written to the Department of Justice to find out why the theme park has failed to register as agents of a foreign government as required by US law, but as yet have heard nothing about any legal action against them.
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda has also demonstrated links between the China Travel Services (Florida Splendid China's parent company) and other Chinese government firms in the satellite business. The American Spectator article mentions that a CTS official was handing out free passes to Florida Splendid China to National Security Council staff members at the White House- at the same time that the agency was reviewing applications for American satellites to be launched on Chinese launch vehicles.
New information made available in the American Spectator article also mentions the negotiations between the park management and INS and the FBI to obtain visas for the Chinese workers at the park. Since the park has opened,42 people have defected and according to another reporter investigating Splendid China, they were never reported missing to the proper authorities. This is another violation of their commitment to follow the laws of the United States while they do business here. The fate of one of the defectors, Mei Li Ming, a female dancer from Inner Mongolia demonstrates the casual disregard for park employees. It has been suspected that Mei Li Ming was abducted from Florida Splendid China, as she took no clothes, personal belongings or even her purse upon her departure. Attempts to speak to this matter with representatives of the park have met a dead end and her friends who worry about her (other defectors) have no idea what her fate is.
More new information brought to light concerns the working conditions at Florida Splendid China. A letter authored in January of 1995 brought allegations of prison-like conditions for the overseas Chinese people who came to work here in the Sunshine state. Quickly, these allegations were swept under the carpet and there was scant coverage. However, there are former park employees who will attest to the deplorable conditions that they experienced, not the least of which was being paid for fourty hours a week and working eighty hours (under their contract.) The American Spectator article brings this issue to the fore again. Sunny Yang (Splendid China's president) is quoted as saying that all the employees get two days off a week and are allowed to travel. Mr Timmerman, the article's author makes note that the workers in fact work six days a week and include three children under the age of twelve. We believe that the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division needs to investigate the employment practices of Florida Splendid China. In addition to unfair compensation, there are young children who are also forced to work long hours. What will their future be like with no schooling? In over five years of operation, Florida Splendid China and it's parent company have demonstrated a disregard for American laws. Whether it was to attempt to have it's security remove peaceful and legal demonstrators with threats of bodily harm, their inattention to filing paperwork (such as filing as agents of the People's Republic of China or reporting their escaped workers,) or actually providing a safe and healthy employment situation; Florida Splendid China has been shown to think themselves above American and Florida law. Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda insists that some action be taken to investigate and bring justice to the State of Florida in the case of Florida Splendid China. The Chinese government oppresses it's own people, we do not have to allow the abuse of any human being in the state of Florida.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jack Churchward
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda