Citizens to Mark TianAnMen Anniversary

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda will mark the eleventh anniversary of the TianAnMen Square massacre on June 3, 2000 beginning at Noon. Citizens will gather at the main gate of the Communist Chinese government owned and operated propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China in Kissimmee. This demonstration marks the thirty-fifth in a continuing series to call attention to the improper exhibition of the Potala Palace of Tibet, the so-called "Mausoleum of Genghis Khan", Mongol Yurt, and the Uighur exhibits known as the Id Gah Mosque and the Tomb of Apak Hoja. The demonstrations are due to the lack of response from our many letters since the opening in 1993.
Just as the Chinese government lies through the Splendid China exhibits that improperly represent Tibetans, Mongols, and Eastern Turkestanis, it has also attempted to coverup the atrocities committed against unarmed dissenters. We note that in 1996, General Chi Haotian told an audience at the US National Defense University that no one had died, only some pushing and shoving, while Amnesty International has documented the casualties in the hundreds.
We are appalled at the conduct of the US government that has allowed the perpetrators of the TianAnMen massacre to be welcomed into the United States instead of being imprisoned for their crimes against humanity.
We are further disgusted at the private meetings between President Clinton and Generals Chi Haotian and Zhang Wannian who commanded armed forces on the ground against an unarmed civilian population. Pictures of these events were shown across China to demonstrate the futility of seeking help from the US for self-determination and democratic ideals.
Directions to Florida Splendid China:
Florida Splendid China is located 12 miles southwest of Orlando, 3 miles west of I-4 and only a mile from the main entrance road to Walt Disney World Resort.
From I-4 take exit 25B west and proceed past the main entrance road to Walt Disney World Resort.
From Highway 27, exit at Highway 192 and proceed east.

Jack Churchward, Coordinator
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda is a group of dedicated volunteers who are against the inclusion of 'minority' and religious exhibits at the Chinese Communist Party owned and operated Florida Splendid China theme park in Kissimmee, Florida. Specifically, we are protesting the inclusion of the Potala Palace that was built by the Tibetan people and served as the home of successive Dalai Lamas since 1645, the Id Gah Mosque and Tomb of Abakh Hoja which serve as cultural icons of the people of Eastern Turkestan and the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Yurt exhibit which attempt to add a Chinese name to the Southern Mongolian people.