A Call to Protest Against the Florida Splendid China theme park park

Press Release

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda announce
a protest demonstration for the Florida Splendid China
theme park starting at 9 AM on Sunday, June 2, 1996.

The members of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda are holding a protest demonstration to demonstrate our solidarity with the vast majority of Chinese peoples that desire freedom and democracy for themselves and their children. We, as proud citizens of a democratic nation, hope and desire for the same democratic rights and privileges for all mankind and hope that through dialog and negotiation such a future is possible.
We have selected this site because it is owned and operated by agents of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party and since the park is being used as a mouthpiece for propaganda purposes to legitimize the cultural genocide of Tibetan, Uighur, Mongolian, and other 'minority' peoples under the domination of People Liberation Army (PLA) troops.
We would also like to express our strong support for the June Boycott on Chinese Goods that has the support of many organizations. The purpose of this short term boycott is not punative, but allows interested persons to send a message to Beijing about the human rights situation in Tibet. We urge all interested persons to reconsider the purchase of Chinese goods during the month of June and to contact the John Dinusson of the Milarepa Fund (address below).
CACCP continues to support the democratic process on Taiwan and would like to publicly denounce the PRC authorities for their blatant military intimidation on the eve of Taiwan's first ever presidential election. CACCP opposes the use of military means to reunify Taiwan with the PRC, and will continue to boycott the PRC's Splendid China theme park until such time that the PRC renounces the use of military force to take back Taiwan.

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda is a group of interested individuals devoted to the non-violent and legal removal of religious and minority exhibits from the Communist Chinese government owned and controlled theme park known as Florida Splendid China in Kissimmee, Fla.