Open letter to Prospective Buyers of Florida Splendid China

June 11,1999

Open letter to Prospective Buyers of Florida Splendid China
Dear friends,

Since Florida Splendid China first opened in December of 1993, there have been 28 protest demonstrations, roughly occurring at the rate of every other month and they are scheduled to continue for the foreseeable future. While our protest activities might not be the whole cause for the park losing almost $25,000 a day, we do know that we have some impact on gate receipts.
The protest demonstrations have never been about the ownership of the theme park, only on the false and misleading information concerning Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. We, collectively united as "Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda," have continuously attempted to speak with the management of Florida Splendid China about the removal or re-labeling of the five disputed exhibits. They have not responded to any of our correspondence.
As reported in the May 13th 1999 edition of the Far East Economic Review published in Hong Kong, we are aware of the negotiations and pending sale of the theme park and look forward to speaking with the new owners of Florida Splendid China. We will suspend our protest demonstrations when the proper parties have entered negotiations that will resolve our dispute. Until that time, we shall continue.
June 4th marked the tenth anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Chinese citizens in Tiananmen and on June 5th, Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda assembled at the main gate of Florida Splendid China to participate in the 29th protest demonstration. The 30th demonstration is scheduled for August 28th to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the suspicious plane crash that killed the key members of the Republic of Eastern Turkestan.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jack Churchward
Florida Coordinator
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda
PO Box 6812
Clearwater, Florida 33758