Protest Demonstration Against Florida Splendid China in Kissimmee on the event of the gala opening of "China-Town"

July 17, 1996 / 5PM
Demontration to be held at:
Main Gate of Florida Splendid China theme park

This protest is to call attention to the plight of the Tibetan people and to call for the removal of the Potala Palace from the Communist Chinese Party owned and operated propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China. This protest is being staged to communicate to the elected officials and other invited people that the treatment of the Tibetan people, as well as the Mongolians, and Uighurs, under the brutal Communist Chinese dictatorship can not be wiped away by showing happy faces in a theme park.

This protest demonstration is being sponsored by Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda. A group of dedicated volunteers working for the removal of the Potala Palace Exhibts (and others) from the Communist Chinese owned and operated Florida Splendid China theme park in Kissimmee, Florida.