Citizens Against Backyard Communism announce a protest demonstration for the Florida Splendid China theme park for 12 noon on Sunday, December 17,1995

Press Release

Press Release
Citizens Against Backyard Communism

This demonstration is to call attention to the display of religious and minority exhibits at the Florida Splendid China theme park. The display of these exhibits is an attempt to whitewash history and improve the image of the brutal regime of the People's Republic of China. We reject the park's assertation that the display of these exhibits is non-political; we remain firm in the belief that the display of these exhibits are part of a propaganda plan outlined in translated Chinese documents smuggled from China. These documents are from an annual propaganda conference held in Beijing in 1993 and outline the propaganda campaign to be used against the Tibetan Government In Exile and Tibetan supporters. An English translation of these documents are available under the title "China's Public Relations Strategy on Tibet: Classified Documents from the Beijing Propaganda Conference" from the International Campaign for Tibet in Washington, D.C.
Management of Florida Splendid China has ignored our letters and all attempts to discuss the removal of the minority and religious exhibits. These exhibits portray the 'minorities' as happy and glad to be Chinese, even though there are active popular independence movements alive and constantly struggling against the government to gain basic human rights and self determination. The display of religious exhibits also white-washes the current policy of the communist Chinese government, which oversees all aspects of religious practice. Through the use of committees to oversee the operations of religious facilities, and through the use of laws and regulations which restrict the numbers of people participating, the number of religious institutions in existence, and the training of new religious leaders, the Chinese Communist Party maintains a stranglehold on religious traditions that are centuries old.

Citizens Against Backyard Communism is a group of interested individuals devoted to the non-violent and legal removal of religious and minority exhibits from the Communist Chinese government owned and controlled theme park known as Florida Splendid China in Kissimmee, Fla.