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Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda: Press Clippings

Response From Jeb Bush (May 1999)

May 19,1999
Mr. Jack Churchward
Post Office Box 6812
Clearwater, Florida 33758

Dear Mr. Churchward:
Thank you for your letter regarding what you believe are immigration and human rights violations being committed at the Splendid China theme park. I appreciate you coming to me for help with this matter and apologize for the delay in responding.
Although I am glad to review your comments, the allegations in your letter could be best addressed by federal entities such as the lmmigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice. I have foMlarded your letter to United States Senator Connie Mack so he can review this situation and notify the appropriate federal resources. I am sure you will hear from his office soon.
Thanks again for writing, and I will remember your ideas when meeting with federal officials. If I can ever assist you with any concerns about state issues, I hope you will let me know.
Jeb Bush
cc: Honorable Connie Mack
United States Senator
Suite 27
1342 Colonial Boulevard
Ft. Myers, Florida 33907
Telephone (941) 275-6252

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