Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda

December 19, 1998 Protest Demonstration

Florida Splendid China, Kissimmee, Florida December 19, 1998
It was cloudy and cold as the hour reached high noon in Kissimmee. A light rain was falling and the overall outlook was dreary. The pre-demonstration parking lot drive through revealed not many cars and not much activity.

Here is what the main gate of Florida Splendid China looked like on 12/19/93
Grand Opening Day

And what the main gate of Florida Splendid China looked like on 12/22/96
3rd Anniversary Protest Demonstration

The walk to the main gate was uneventful, except for the honking horns of our supporters in passing cars. At the main gate, the formerly well-groomed flower-beds were very over-grown, but the seasonal display of Christmas cheer on the largest Chinese style-gate outside China was in true form.

Despite the crackdown on the freedoms of Christian and other religious activities in the People's Republic of China, the park implies, through the wreaths on the gate and the Christmas tree inside the park, that somehow Christianity is accepted. Again, the truth is diluted.
There was no security presence, there were no cars going into the park, so the demonstration moved along Formosa Gardens Blvd towards the Potala Palace exhibit.

Main gate of Florida Splendid China on 12/19/98
3rd year of Christmas Ornamentation
5th Anniversary Protest Demonstration

Main Gate of Florida Splendid China on 12/19/98
Please compare the pictures from the different years.
Look closely at the shubbery and the hill behind the name on the wall.

Part Two: The Walk Down Formosa Gardens Blvd.