Florida Splendid China Demonstration to Commemorate 53rd Anniversary of the Communist Chinese takeover of Inner Mongolia

Demonstrator at main gate of Florida Splendid China

April 29, 2000

At the hour of high noon on the 29th day of April, 2000, members of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda representing the Inner Mongolian People's Party and Students for a Free Tibet arrived to begin the walk down Formosa Gardens Blvd. The destination was the main gate of the Chinese government owned and operated propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China in Kissimmee.

Demonstrator at main gate.
Flying the flag of the Inner Mongolian People's Party and the Tibetan National flag, with signs and banners, the demonstrators greeted the many passing cars and the few that did turn into the park, stayed for only a short time. In addition to the numerous honks to acknowledge their support for the demonstrations, some park employees also showed support while arriving. The one individual that almost wrecked his car when he pulled into the park at 50 MPH must have never seen a legal demonstration before from the angry look on his face. One demonstrator quipped, "he must wish his police friends were here to clear us from the street."

Demonstrator at main gate.
Circling above the park during the demonstration were what looked like vultures, but were later identified as Turkey Buzzards. Obviously, they were on the scent of something either dead or close to dying.

The demonstration concluded without incident after the reading of the following statement:

  • We call on the owners of Florida Splendid China, the Chinese communist controlled People's Republic of China, to enter into good faith negotiations concerning the five disputed exhibits at the propaganda theme park.
  • Furthermore, as peace and freedom loving people living in a free and democratic country:
    • We call on the Chinese government to release Hadaa, Tegexi, Rebiya Kadeer and Gendhun Choekyi Nyima, the real Panchen Lama of Tibet and all other political prisoners.
    • We call on the Chinese government to cease the crackdown on and control of religion. Buddhists from China, Tibet and Mongolia; Muslims from Eastern Turkestan and other parts of China; Christians in secret churches and even Falun Gong practitioners have felt the heavy handed tactics of government control and violence.
    • We call on the Chinese government to immediately begin the process to allow true autonomy and self-determination for the people of Eastern Turkestan, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, rather than just in name.
    • We call on the Chinese government to allow the formation of opposition political parties and enter into negotiations to begin free and open elections in all parts of China.
The next demonstration is to be held at the main gate of the Florida Splendid China propaganda theme park at noon on the 3rd of June 2000.

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda