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Candlelight Vigil in memory of Abduhelil Abdumegit
November 11, 2000


Candlelight Vigil Keeps Attendance Low
Concerned Florida citizens gathered in front of the main gate of the Chinese Communist government owned and operated theme park known as Florida Splendid China, just as the sun set on November 11,2000. As the sun set on the newly manicured grounds, the 3x4 foot picture of Abduhelil Abdumegit was placed in it's frame and the candles placed around.
It was a solemn occasion, memorializing a non-violent, peaceful human rights activist. Abduhelil's body was stuffed in a grave in late October and his family was not allowed to even view the body or visit the grave. Abduhelil's three year incarceration, multiple tortures, multiple beatings and subsequent death stemmed from his attempt to organize a non-Communist Party approved youth group to fight drugs and alcohol in his community. Of course, this would be welcomed by most progressive governments, a community-based effort to keep kids off drugs and alcohol, but the People's Republic of China considers it a crime. It is just one symptom of the colonial policies being carried out in occupied Eastern Turkestan (the so-called Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.)
The candlelight vigil was punctuated by a number of passing cars that honked horns in support. Also, the van and car loads of people that turned around and left were remarkable. After attendees explained the conditions inside occupied Eastern Turkestan, nobody wished to be a party to the lies and deception of Florida Splendid China.
The following statement was read at the gathering:

Those of us assembled here today to memorialize the memory of Abduhelil Abdumegit, a peaceful, non-violent Human Rights activist, hereby call on the following:

  1. That the Chinese government investigate and punish those responsible for the death of Abdihelil Abdumegit;
  2. That the Chinese government take responsibility and compensate the wife and children of Abduhelil Abdumegit for his wrongful death;
  3. That the Chinese government immediately release all political prisoners.
  4. That the United States Congress investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest, incarceration and death of Abduhelil Abdumegit and use it's findings to:

    1. Determine legislation to guide US Foreign Policy with regards to China, and
    2. Raise the issue before the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

  5. That the United States Congress investigate the circumstances of all political prisoners in the People's Republic of China.
  6. That the President of the United States use his great office to secure the release of Rebiya Kadeer.
    So stated, this 11th day of November 2000 at Florida Splendid China, Kissimmee, Florida

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