Demonstration Account

As part of the "Exposing Communist Chinese Influence in America" conference held in Orlando, Florida on May 15-16, 1999, the assembled Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda staged a protest demonstration in front of the Communist Chinese government owned and operated propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China. The greater than fifty international Citizens, coming from as far away as Japan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany and all over the United States, chanted slogans and flew the flags representing the people of the United States of America, Tibet, Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia.

The demonstration began at 2PM and lasted for two hours in the hot Florida sun. Chants of "One China One Taiwan", "Free Tibet", "Free Inner Mongolia", and "Free Eastern Turkestan were heard", as well as "No Communism in Kissimmee", and "Shame on China." Some signs held by demonstrators read "Genghis Khan was NOT Chinese", "Free Hadaa and Teguxi", and "Free the Real Panchen Lama."

The demonstrators took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures with the Potala Palace exhibit in the background while holding the banned flags of the Tibetan, Eastern Turkestani, and Inner Mongolian peoples. While this is legal in the United States, if it happened in their homeland, they would certainly face swift and sure retribution in the form of jail, torture or maybe even death with the customary bullet to the back of the head.

This demonstration marks the 28th in a series of protests against the propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China by Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda (CACCP). As many times (or more), CACCP has written to Florida Splendid China management and requested to negotiate concerning some five exhibits that are improperly labeled. CACCP has offered to suspend the demonstrations in return for negotiations, but Florida Splendid China has yet to answer even a single letter. CACCP has been active since 1994 and is committed to the removal or relabeling of these exhibits through peaceful and legal means.

Prior to the peaceful and legal protest demonstration at Florida Splendid China, elements of the Osceola Sheriff's Office (OSO) warned demonstrators that their vehicles would be towed from the parking lot at the Formosa Gardens Shopping Center, if the protest went on as scheduled. After witnessing cataloging of the license numbers and the appearance of a tow truck, the demonstrators moved their cars to other parking lots and/or disbursed in an inconspicuous manner. After speaking with Mr. George Chen (the property owner), the demonstrators were given the whole story. Pursuant to the business interests of one establishment, parking places in one section were reserved for patrons and towing was enforced. However, it appears that the over-zealous sheriffs had misunderstood and had applied that restriction to the entire parking lot. The matter was given no further thought and Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda hopes that misunderstandings such as these do not occur in the future.

The demonstration ended peacefully with the reading of the Joint Statement.

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