Opening Remarks by Jack Churchward

Photo courtesy of Tughluke Abduzarak

Good morning and welcome to our conference, "Exposing Communist Chinese Government Influence in America." I would like to thank each of you for traveling the long distance to Orlando, Florida and for your participation in this momentous occasion.

Some friends have written some greetings, allow me to start with a letter from Representative Bill McCollum, the member of Congress that represents the district where Florida Splendid China operates.

Bill McCollum's letter

When Florida Splendid China opened it's gates in 1993, it was reported that $100 million had been spent on it's construction and lackluster gates receipts have almost certainly required constant funding from Beijing to keep the gates open. Later in today's program we will examine in detail the ownership of Florida Splendid China and it's mission in the Sunshine State, but for now, let it suffice to say that Florida Splendid China is a Chinese Communist government propaganda theme park.

As a casual bystander, there were three paths to follow concerning Florida Splendid China. The first would be to ignore it, which has not happened. The second would be to make some noise and hope that they move on. The third (and what I envision as the best outcome) would be to unite individuals and organizations in a campaign to make Florida Splendid China such a burden and public relations nightmare so that the Chinese government has to retreat and to form the basis for a grassroots response to Chinese colonial rule. Ladies and gentlemen, we are that third option. Our activities today and tomorrow will have a major impact, the words and ideas from this conference will echo across the state of Florida (and the world) and provoke discussion on the matter of the Chinese government propaganda theme park.

As the Florida Coordinator of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda, I would like to welcome all the other Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda who are attending today. This is a group effort and speaking as just one Citizen among his many peers, thank you for making this effort strong, for without your help, this effort would not exist.

It is my sincere desire that everyone here grab the opportunity to relax and meet other fellow Citizens. Our schedule has been planned for two days. Today, we will be focusing on exposing Chinese government influence in America and the presentations will form the basis for a package to be sent to all 67 Public School superintendents to encourage them not to permit public-school sponsored field trips to Florida Splendid China. As well, I encourage each of you to send a copy of the proceedings to your Congressional Representatives and Senators, local press and media outlets. Tomorrow's schedule is focused on working together and skill building. After lunch, we will be taking a short trip to Florida Splendid China to participate in the 28th demonstration to protest the inclusion of religious and minority exhibits.

I am not a person for long-winded speeches so I will end here with deep gratitude for all the help of my dear wife Cindy.

Thank you .

At this time, I would like to hand the floor to the other members of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda. Can we please go around the room and hear a few words from each person ? Before we start, let's all take a few minutes thinking about it and then begin. Please be brief, tell everyone your name, and speak in whatever language is most comfortable to you.

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