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Press Release 10 May 1999
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda
Contact: Jack Churchward 727-441-3982

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda are pleased to announce that arrangements for the conference in Orlando, Florida for May 15-16, 1999 are nearing completion. The conference is entitled "Exposing Communist Chinese Government Influence in America" and is a response to the efforts of the Chinese Communist government to influence the American public.

One of the main purposes of Communist Chinese influence / propaganda is to whitewash the excesses of the last fifty years since assuming power through what they term as a 'peaceful liberation.' Internally, the situation is bleak for ordinary people to express their views, effect meaningful social change, or practice religion unimpeded. Externally, the Chinese government uses diplomatic, business, and other means to prevent and/or discourage support for dissenters, and to keep facts and evidence about the true situation from becoming general knowledge. When the public is cognizant of the circumstances facing the people under Communist Chinese Party rule and the harsh realities of people facing cultural genocide, an ethical and moral foreign policy will be effected towards the brutal regime of the People's Republic of China.

With regards to the continued occupation of Tibet, Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia (and not to mention the continued threat against the island nation of Taiwan), the Chinese government has long legitimized this state of affairs by taking the position that 'they have been Chinese since ancient times.' This is one of the purposes of Florida Splendid China, the propaganda theme park in Kissimmee, Florida, to teach visitors to the Sunshine State (and school-aged children) this propaganda line. On hand during the conference, experts from Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Eastern Turkestan, and Taiwan will present papers and engage in panel discussions about these important topics.

As well, there will be a panel discussion on Chinese government influence in America to provide an overview of some of their techniques and rhetoric at work on the American public.

Details on the conference are available on the Internet at: or by contacting:
Jack Churchward
Florida Coordinator
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda
Phone: 727-441-3982
Fax: 727-446-4156

Due to security considerations and to insure that the conference is not disrupted, private and group interviews with the participants must be scheduled by calling 727-xxx-xxxx.
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