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Recently Declassified US State Department Documents to Debut at Conference

Press Release May 13, 1999
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda
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Recently declassified State Department documents consisting of official transcripts of meetings and diplomatic records from the Polo I and Polo II meetings from 1972-73 will make their debut at the "Exposing Communist Chinese Government Influence in America" conference to be held in Orlando, Florida on May 15-16, 1999.

These were meetings held between then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Chinese government representatives to discuss the normalization of relations between the United States and the People's Republic of China.

Diane Wolff, novelist, journalist, TV producer and student of Chinese history, whose research obtained the documents through provisions in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) will be on hand to reveal her preliminary conclusions.

According to Ms. Wolff, "America concerned itself with the geopolitics of rapprochement with China not with human rights, this despite several decades of wars of national liberation from colonialism following World War II."

From this background of early US-PRC negotiations, the conference will cover the major points of Communist Chinese government influence in America, including campaign financing irregularities, Chinese military business interests in the US, and the propaganda theme park known as Florida Splendid China.

The conference is scheduled to last two days and will culminate in a protest demonstration at the Florida Splendid China theme park in Kissimmee at 2PM on Sunday.

For further information on the upcoming conference, please visit: or by contacting:
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