The American Spectator article interview/dinner

Clearwater, Florida January 1999

Saturday Evening (Polla)
(Circling around the table from left to right)
Gulnar, Cindy, Ngawang, Bache, Uyghur and Ablajan

Sunday Evening (Thukpa and Manta)
(Circling around the table from left to right)
Uyghur, Gulnar, Jack, Cindy, Ken, Ngawang, Bache, and Ablajan

Gathering Together in Clearwater

  • Ngawang Rabgyal from Office of Tibet
  • Bache Johngar from Inner Mongolian People's Party
  • Ablajan Layli-Naman from International Takalamakan Uyghur Human Rights Association
  • Jack Churchward Florida coordinator for Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda
    Interviewed by:
    Ken Timmerman of the The American Spectator and other publications
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