Who is Zhu Yue Ning ?

From the Indian Express Newspaper on July 18, 1997:
Capitalist children of socialism
T.J.S. George

"The heads of most red chip companies were closet capitalists who suffered during communism's fundamentalist days. They were reborn when Deng Xiaoping was reborn. Zhu Yuening, head of China Travel International Investment, the investment arm of the Chinese Government's Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, sold vegetables for a living during the Cultural Revolution. Today, his company is a hot favourite with investors."
Also mentioned in the category of princelings was Larry Yung, son of Rong Yiren, Vice-President of China and former economic advisor to Deng Xiaoping. His former company, China International Trust and Investment Corporation is infamous for it's association with Wang Jun and his association with the People's Liberation Army's weapon brokers, Polytechnologies.

From the Hong Kong Sports Development Board web-site:

"One of the sponsors as well as the winner of the Best Event Sponsorship Award last year, China Travel Service (Holding) HK Ltd's Chairman and General Manager Zhu Yuening, also said highly about the Awards, "We are thrilled to receive the Best Event Sponsorship Award last year. Not only was the Award a recognition of our effort and achievement, it also helped strengthen our staff morale and lift team spirit."
http://www.hksdb.org.hk/new/990505e.html (Link no longer active.)

Reported in COSCO's online newsletter:
http://www.cosco.com.hk/coscoweek/week13/week13.htm (Link no longer active.)

"The Capital Market Committee Is Formed" "Mr. Hu Guocai and Mr. An Jitao, Head and Deputy Head of the Economic Affairs Department of Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch, Mr. Zhu Yuening (Chairman of China Travel Services (Holdings) Ltd.), Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, other senior officials from Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch and the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association and the committee members were on hand on 8th June to celebrate the establishment of the Capital Market Committee of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association. All members are come from the senior officials of the local Chinese enterprises. The Chairman is Mr. Dong Jiufeng (President of COSCO (HK) Group Limited), Vice Chairmen are Mr. Fung Chi Kin (Managing Director of Bank of China Group Securities Limited), Mr. Hung Tieying (Managing Director of China Resources Enterprise Limited) and Mr. Zhuo Fumin (Managing Director of Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited). The first regular meeting was held on the same day. "
Examining the affliations of the members,

from ABCNews ( http://abcnews.go.com/sections/world/hongkong97/pla_china2.html)

"When federal agents busted smugglers bringing 2,000 Chinese AK-47 assault rifles last year through Oakland, Calif., critics of free trade with China seized the moment... What’s more, the ship carrying the arms was the Chinese owned and operated COSCO, the China Ocean Shipping Co.
Congressional investigators believe that the shipper has also delivered nuclear-weapon components to Pakistan and chemical and biological weapons to North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria."

Shanghai Industrial is also named in the article from the Indian Express newspaper and is owned and controlled by the Shanghai Communist Party machine.

Mr. Zhu's link with the Chinese Communist Party is even official for he was the Vice-Mayor of Shenzhen China from 1986 to 1994 according to a 1996 prospectus on China Travel Services (Holdings) HK Ltd.

Another official role for Mr. Zhu is to represent the State Council of the People's Republic of China in the day-to-day affairs of CTS (Holdings) HK Ltd. The link from the State Council is through the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and (quoting from the prospectus again,) "OCAO directly oversees and influences overall policy and strategy of the CTS group."
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Another unpublicized dealing concerning CTS (Holdings) HK Ltd. is their partnership with other State Council owned businesses as an element of APT Satellite Holdings to effect the transfer of satellite hardware for military uses in violation of US Export laws.

CTS is also known as a business partner with the infamous Lippo Group and Muhtar Riady, reported to be responsible for violations of US Campaign finance laws. Another unsavory, but confirmed association is that of serving the Er Bu or Chinese military intelligence. One documented example indicates that the PLA infiltrated Hong Kong shortly after TianAnMen and the facilities were provided by CTS. (Year of the Rat; Timperlake and Triplett; 1998; Regnery p. 130.)

In addition, CTS also runs a propaganda theme park in Central Florida known as Florida Splendid China.
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From documents filed with the State of Florida, Zhu Yuening is associated as an officer with the following companies:

CTS INTERNATIONAL INC. USA (name change in 1996 from Hwang's International, Inc.)

Latest Update from China News Daily

[CND, 02/22/01] Hong Kong anti-corruption officers have detained two directors of a finance firm for allegedly bribing top executives of the Hong Kong branch of the China Travel International Investment (CTIV), the Hong Kong iMail reported on Wednesday.

The two men, suspected of bribery in order to secure $30 million in compensation from an unsuccessful deal, were released on bail. Neither their identities nor the name of the firm was revealed. The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption said that they have seized a large amount of cash and valuables.

The two mainland executives involved are Mr. ZHU Yuening, former chairman of CTIV Hong Kong, and Mr. XU Shiquan, the company's former deputy general manager. Mr. Zhu, Shenzhen's former vice-mayor (1986-1994), was summoned back to the mainland right before coming to Hong Kong in 1995. There are rumors that he is under house arrest in Shenzhen. Mr. WANG Ju, another of Shenzhen's former vice-mayor, is also under house arrest, Shenzhen officials said. The whereabouts of Mr. Xu are unknown. (Kenneth XIAN, WU Yi-yi)
Mr Zhu Yuening is a director in the Florida Corporation that runs the Communist Chinese owned and operated theme park known as Florida Splendid China.
The last President Yang Guang or Sunny Yang has been under house arrest in Hong Kong since early in 2000.