CACCP Video Podcast

Podcast One- 12-14-2002 - CACCP Statement about
Podcast Two- 12-2002 - Symptoms of decline at FSC
Podcast Three- 08-31-2002 - On US-192 during demonstration
Podcast Four- 08-31-2002 - UAA Statement
Podcast Five- 08-31-2002 - Statement on human dignity
Podcast Six- 07-28-2002 Falun Gong Statement #1
Podcast Seven- 07-28-2002 Falun Gong Statement #2
Podcast Eight- 07-28-2002 Falun Gong Exercises in front of Tiananmen Square exhibit
Podcast Nine- 07-28-2002 Falun Gong Exercises in Suzhou Gardens area of Splendid China
Podcast Ten- 05-17-2002 International Tibet Independence Movement statement read in front of Potala Palace exhibit with regards to the abduction of the real Panchen Lama, Gendhun Choekyi Nyima.
Podcast Eleven- 05-04-2002 IMPP Statement on 50th anniversary of takeover of Inner Mongolia
Podcast Twelve- 03-10-2002 Statement of HH Dalai Lama
Podcast Thirteen- 12-15-2001 UAA Statement
Podcast Fourteen- 12-15-2001 OTNY Statement
Podcast Fifteen- 10-12-1997 Orlando TV2 coverage
Podcast Sixteen- 10-12-1997 Orlando TV6 coverage