Media Alert : Investigate what China says about Uyghurs

September 18, 2001
For Immediate Release:
Media Alert : Investigate what China says about Uyghurs
The members of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda (CACCP), an all volunteer organization based in Florida, is saddened, as all people, by the cowardly acts of terrorists and the tremendous loss of life inflicted on the United States.
CACCP joins the world's freedom loving peoples in calling for respect for our Muslim and Arabic brothers and sisters in this most difficult time. We applaud the unity that has erupted throughout America and call for all peace-loving citizens to share this unity with everyone regardless of religious or ethnic background.
CACCP calls on all freedom loving peoples to show support for the Uyghur people of East Turkestan, renamed 'Xinjiang' by the Chinese government. Our Uyghur brothers and sisters are Muslim, and as most Muslims, have condemned violence and hatred in the name of religion. It has been reported in the international media that the Chinese government's conditional support for US actions is based upon linking the freedom-loving Uyghur people to the terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
CACCP calls on the United States government and it's agencies to completely investigate all alleged connections between the Uyghur movement and terrorist activities, instead of listening only to Communist Chinese propaganda. In the words of the Uyghur American Association, "The Chinese government, as part of their propaganda campaign against the freedom loving people of East Turkestan, have maintained that the Uyghur people's struggle against Chinese Communist rule is a religious struggle, planned and executed by militant Islamic fundamentalists. This characterization of the Uyghur people's aspiration for freedom and self-determination is a deception, for just like the vast majority of Muslim peoples, the people of East Turkestan value human life and dignity and abhor violence."
Please call your congressional representatives and call for justice on behalf of the Uyghur people.

Jack Churchward
Coordinator, CACCP