Account of the CACCP December 22 Protest

Humbly submitted by Bill (I'm not letting my name get on that CITS list) Mitchell.

The dreaded Citizen's Against Chinese Communist Propaganda staged yet another protest in front of the Florida Splendid China theme park. Our special guests for the protest included certain Mongolians and Tibetans who have experienced first hand the repressive tactics of the Chinese Communist Party. Set against the backdrop of a well manicured bed of flowers on FSC property, Mr. Erdunbatu told me the story of how his father had been tortured, his grandfather killed, and his uncle starved to death by the Chinese authorities. He himself spent one year in a re-education camp. A shiny FSC van adorned with photos of performers speeded past us as we spoke. Mr. Lob Sang Tsering explained to me how the Chinese authorities had executed his grandfather and then demanded that his grandmother pay for the bullet. The shrill sound of traditional chinese music could be heard emanating from the park. Mr. Kunchok Tsering related to me a conversation he had with a park employee in the "Chinatown" section the previous evening. After mentioning that he is Tibetan, the rather witless female Chinese employee brusquely told him that all countries are guilty of oppressing other countries. This modern day Metternich is probably in charge of school field trips.

As the day progressed, we anxiously awaited the appearance of Frank Langley, resident Publicity Director and the man we most want to negotiate with regarding the removal of the Potala Palace exhibit , the Id Kah Mosque, the Tomb of Apak Hoja, the Mausoleum of Ghengis Khan, and the Mongolian Yurt exhibit. Mr. Langley did not show up. No doubt he was home drafting yet another press release chocked full of the non-sequiturs and misinformation. He has yet to come clean about the percentage of CTS stock that is really traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange. (it is less than 50%) Perhaps Mr. Langley was writing to Harrison Ford to explain why his employer has barred this affable film star from entering Tibet. Are Mr. Ford and the other Hollywood celebrities involved allowed visit the Potatala Palace exhibit at FSC? Tinseltown awaits your answer Mr. Langley.