Why Am I Here ?

Nury (from Japan)
I just came from Japan and they have no political activism there. Everyone is happy just living their lives. After seeing all this activity in the United States, I want to learn more to help my people.

Tuerdi Huji
I am here to contribute to the success of this important event. Looking at the conference hall, it may not be that obvious, but this conference has great significance for the millions of Uyghurs, Tibetans and Mongolians who are still living under the Chinese rule without any freedom of speech to express that they are not as happy with the Chinese rule as the exhibitions in the Splendid China Theme Park trys to portray them. Therefore, it is important for me to represent the voice of my people at this conference to expose the Chinese propaganda in United States.
Huji Turdi Uyghur American Association

Why I am here? by Sebo Koh, M.D. Chairman, WUFI
Since the demise of the Soviet Union, China, whether deserve it or not, has been regarded as a potential world power. Business has been attracted to its potentially huge market and politically China begins to fill in the void created by Soviet Union's collapse. Its military expansion has caused alarm around the Pacific Rim.
Clinton's American China policy has chosen the route of active "engagement", instead of "containment". This has opened up the opportunity for China's propaganda machine into hyperdrive. With almost no cost, the "New China Lobby", consists of the biggest corporations in America, has become the wealthiest lobby. China has set up thousands of business fronts in the US as propaganda agents, as well as espionage cells. China has also dominated American "China scholars", who, for rewards from China, have argued for China for its "territorial integrity". The infusion of large sums of money into American party politics certainly has influenced American policy towards China.
It is in this environment, influential American opinions, including those from the big business, academia, administration and Congress alike, have boxed Taiwan into a "Status Quo" position. Other minority nations currently under China's oppressive rule are also being ignored in this propaganda warfare waged by China.
Therefore, it is essential that, united, we need to expose the powerful Chinese propaganda machine in the U.S. Florida's Splendid China provides us a clearly visible target for exposing China's propaganda activities in the US.
This is why I am here.
Sebo Koh

"Why I Am Here"
Megan Gainer

I attended the conference to learn more about the oppression caused by the Chinese. I attended to add my support to these people and help in any way I can. I am a member of Students for a Free Tibet chapter in Orlando and came to represent young, concerned, college students. I am very upset that people (including myself) are/were learning false history put out by the Chinese right here in Orlando. I have never understood how the Holocaust happened in Europe, but now I do. I understand that people lying about conditions of tortured human beings cannot be tolerated any longer. I am doing what I can to educate people about the true condition in Tibet and other countries "in China." As a future educator, I believe young people can solve many of society's problems. When I begin teaching, I will make sure that my students get historically correct information.

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